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Midnight Express 60 Pied-a-Mer

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02 Ağustos 2023 - 11:47

Midnight Express 60 Pied-a-Mer


Information about the “Midnight Express 60′ Pied-A-Mer”  This boat offers a number of features and customization options:

Performance Equipment: The hull surface has a choice of inboard diesels equipped with propulsion. Thanks to these engines, their speed can reach 90 MPH.
Fuel Options: The boat has fuel consumption of over 1000 gallons. This way you can use it for long-distance trips to your local bay or a tropical island.
Interior Design: Midnight Express 60′ Pied-A-Mer was designed to meet customer demands. Details such as integrated seats, pull-out tables and a full captain’s rudder are available. Two master suites, a full living and kitchen arrangement, provide accommodation suitable for the perfect weekend getaway.
Personalization: The boat’s 60-foot fiberglass hull is custom wearable with your choice of colors and designs. You can choose from options such as side dive entrance doors, a fully electric sunroof and a variety of seating arrangements.

Midnight Express 60′ Pied-A-Mer is a remarkable boat model with its center console structure, large cockpit and stylish interior. It is an attractive option with high performance and luxurious details.

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