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24 Şubat 2024 - 14:42


Numarine: The Meeting Point of Performance and Comfort

A quest to stand out in the maritime world is born out of a desire to become better, stronger and faster. This search was shaped by the vision of Ömer Malazs, who set out with the mission of offering unrivaled performance and comfort, while forming the basis of Numarine.

Considering the shortcomings and needs he felt while exploring the world’s seas, Malazs was determined to realize his dream of creating the perfect motoryacht. He believed that a yacht should be complete enough to meet basic needs such as the freedom to go where he wants, whenever he wants, the ability to stay on the ship for a long time, comfort and security. Acting with this belief, the foundations of Numarine were laid.

Numarine’s mission was to produce yachts of the highest quality and deliver a marine experience that exceeds customers’ expectations. Extensive research was conducted to achieve this goal, and the results form the basis of Numarine’s success today.

It was decided that only the best components should be used in order for their yachts to be of the highest quality. Smart material choices were made inspired by the aviation and racing industries to meet performance, economy and range requirements. This required vacuum infusion and the use of composites, but the results provided unrivaled strength and ride comfort.

While Numarine adds standard comfort and convenience features to its yachts, it also offers customization opportunities to its customers. Thus, specially designed yachts can be produced to meet the exacting requirements of each customer.

As a result, Numarine has achieved success by creating purpose-built facilities, refining cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, assembling an expert team, and establishing partnerships with the industry’s leading vendors.

Numarine continues to have a well-deserved reputation in the maritime world as the meeting point of performance and comfort.

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